How to Update Pluto TV Android Mobile  You can find  3.6.8 -the most recent Pluto Tv app for Android on Google Play here: Android Tv To ensure you have 6.0 the latest version of Android TV will vary by device manufacturer... Product pages For Android Tv Models - Sony - Sharp - MiBox ROKU  To ensure that you have 8.0 - the latest version of the app...  From the Roku Home screen, choose Settings. Choose System. Find and select System update. Select the Check Now button to run a system check. You will see the Roku update Pluto TV channel.  Note: Once update is complete, you can click back to Home and select Pluto TV channel and hit * to view the updated app version. tvOS To ensure that you have the 5.2 Apple TV / tvOS 12.0 - the latest version(s) of the app... From the Home screen, choose App Store. Choose Purchased. Find and select the Pluto TV app to update. Select the Install icon and Pluto TV will download to your Apple device.  Note: Once update is complete, you can re-open the updated app version from update screen. iOS Mobile You can find the 4.2.3 -the most recent Pluto Tv app for iOS on iTunes store here: Smart Tv's Most Smart Tv's have an App Store / Hub / Panel where you search for new apps, and update current ones. Below are some general Help Articles from a few of our supported Smart Tv's. VIZIO: SAMSUNG: SONY: Continue Reading
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