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  • Genre: Entertainment
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Official information

Release Date Oct 21, 2019
Developer Pluto, Inc.
Publisher Pluto, Inc.
Genre Entertainment
Language English
System Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS
Version Latest


Pluto TV App Review

While Solar System has lost Pluto as a planet recently, and Disney has many brighter characters than the famous dog, the name Pluto is far from being forgotten. Established in 2013, Pluto TV has integrated the content of many. Many channels, and not brings it all together in a subscription pack, along with thousands of on-demand movies and shows. Due to direct contracts with producers, Pluto can keep its prices far from sky high.

The service is meant to be as versatile as possible, so it’s not bound to any hardware. With a unified subscription, you can watch Pluto TV on any of your smart devices that has a screen.

How to Watch

As you install Pluto TV for Windows 10, it’s watchable immediately. Just select your channel. The initial collection includes some theme channels about cats and dogs, cuisine and sports, sharks and Eminem. And it’s just a part of the variety Pluto can offer. There are Pluto’s own collections on everything: news and sports, kids’ TV and food TV, different music and movie channels with airing content and saving shows for watching later. The guide is available both on Pluto website or in apps. Gee, there is even a dedicated Asylum channel!

While you’re watching, there is a timeline behind the virtual screen in the app that shows what’s on different channels right now or soon. The current time is marked, so you can easily make out what to watch.

Mobile and stationary devices can be paired, so your mobile becomes a remote for your TV console. So far controllable is Pluto TV for Roku TV. But then the developers will imply support of Apple TV and other devices. Partly devices are controllable via PC application: for example, you can select channels as favorite or hide from list, to create the most convenient possible grid.

The interface is unified: of course, Pluto TV for iPad app has a bit more to display than, say, iPhone version, yet you still see the grid of channels or shows and just tap to select something to watch. The active ones are highlighted. But keep in mind that mobile and desktop applications are secondary to Roku, Xbox or PS4 versions, so the full experience is where your big TV is.

To select your favorite channels or hide those you don’t need, you should log in. Create your account with your email, Facebook or Google. You’ll be able to log in on any device that supports the service.

Devices That Can Make Your TV

Being versatile by its very idea, Pluto TV is available for all types of devices, including gaming consoles like Sony PS4 and likes, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast and so on, and also desktop and mobile platforms. It may seem strange, but Pluto TV for Roku and the app for iPhone would make a perfect combination. Being away, you can watch TV on your phone, and when at home you use the iPhone as a remote. Well, the developers promise that you’ll be able to control your Pluto TV for Xbox One or PS4 the same way too.

Using Pluto TV for PC is much simpler. You just install the regular app (without geographical limitations) and watch the channels you like for free. Of course, quality may be limited, and the comfort of sitting before your large TV cannot be felt in front of a computer. But the app is quite versatile, and it’s distributed as a standalone installer, so Pluto TV for Windows 7/8 is available as well.


1. Can I watch Pluto TV when outside of the USA?
Yes, you can. If you’re a US citizen, select the special USA version and you’ll be able to subscribe. If not, you better select universal version.

2. I can’t install Pluto TV on my phone! Neither Google Play nor Apple App Store even displays it!
We can’t help with Apple because it locked for the countries not whitelisted yet. In fact, so does Google. But you can download Pluto TV APK from a third-party source, and it will run Pluto TV for Android.
3. Is all its content in English?
Mostly it is. But recently Pluto launched several channels in German. Maybe other languages are on their way too.

To Watch or Not to Watch?

If content matters, then Pluto’s got tons of it. Current news and actual trending viral videos, learning and music, cuisine and sports – it’s got it all in its free offer. By subscribing you get much more, like comfort of using it with your home TV and miscellaneous devices. Its mission is not to bring channels to your gadgets: it’s to make TV great again. And the mission seems quite possible, raising the old time experience of sitting at a TV set and looking what’s on to a new level.


If you want something funny to play in the background on your PC, then Pluto TV is just what you need. A lot of free channels, amusing content, and easy access. The subscription brings much more, though, and breathes new life into your TV.


  • Officially not available in some countries
  • Content in English only
  • Other devices don’t support mobile remote yet


  • Miscellaneous free broadcasts
  • Thousands of channels
  • On-demand content
  • Mobile devices can be used as a remote for Roku





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